Becoming a Rater

Becoming a Rater

Information on Raters
The work of the CCIE is dependent on dedicated and qualified raters. If you are interested in becoming a rater, please send your resume, a list of three references (names, email address, telephone/VP numbers) and a cover letter expressing your interest and explaining how you meet the criteria (described below under Rater Criteria). You can send this material electronically to CCIE’s Vice-President at

The following describes the expectation of raters, the reimbursement of raters and the criteria used for selecting raters.

Expectations of Raters
If you are selected as a rater, you are expected to:

  • Late May or early June: Attend an online training that typically takes place during one evening.
  • June 15 – July 15: If you are assigned to a 3-person team, by June 15th you will have electronic access to a Self Study Report (SSR) that was submitted by an institution/program applying for accreditation. First, individually and on your own, you will go through and rate each component in the SSR for compliance or non-compliance with CCIE standards and include brief comments explaining your reasoning and rationale for the rating
  • July 15 – August 15: Second, under the guidance of a team leader, the team will hold discussions regarding the components that individual team members may have rated differently. The team will reach a consensus and decide upon a ‘team rating’ for each of the components and again, include a short justification for their reasoning and rationale. Based on the team’s rating of the SSR, the team will make a recommendation to the CCIE on whether or not a site visit is recommended. Team discussions can be held via telephone, Webex, e-mail or any combination that works best for the team.
  • Fall or possibly Spring semester: If a site visit is approved, the rating team will conduct a site visit, which, including travel, typically takes four days (two days for travel and two days for the actual visit). Prior to the the site visit, the rating team will draft a final report and after the site visit, the team will finalize their report and submit it to the CCIE Board of Commissioners.

Reimbursements for Raters
For the individual and team rating of the SSR, each rater will be reimbursed for $500.00. If a rater conducts a site visit, all expenses will be covered and each rater will be reimbursed an additional $500.00.

Criteria for Raters
Rater Team members will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate current experience as an interpreter educator in an accredited institution for the past five (5) years; or
  • Hold professional credentials (ASLTA, NAD, RID, state credentials, other professional credentials); and
  • Hold an earned Master’s degree from an accredited university or college.
  • Demonstrate contributions to the profession of interpreting or teaching ASL in the past five (5) years (e.g., committee service, publications, or workshop presentations),
  • Represent CCIE in a professional manner; and
  • Exhibit computer literacy and access.

If you are interested and willing to serve our profession by applying to become a rater, you are cordially invited to electronically submit a letter of interest, a vita covering the relevant criteria listed above, and the names and contact information for three (3) references who can specifically address the criteria above. This information can be sent to   Based on these applications, the Rater Team members will be selected by the Training Committee in consultation with the Board of Commissioners.